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-Many doctors recommend Continuous Cold Therapy because it is essential in recovery after surgery, injury or strenuous activity

-By slowing blood flow to a specific area, cold therapy helps to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling

-Cold Therapy has also been shown through clinical studies to help reduce the requirement and use of narcotics because of its ability to help manage pain and discomfort


The Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System is simple and reliable. It is also the most economical choice. This motorized system that circulates water from a cooler to a pad is a more economical motorized cold therapy offering. Remains cold for around 6-8 hours.


The Polar Care Kodiak Cold Therapy System offers an option of a battery pack which can offer up to 10 hours of life. Without battery pack, it remains cold for around 6-8 hours. The Polar Care Kodiak offers the intelli-flo pads and the option for a battery pack to make it more mobile.


The Polar Care Glacier Cold Therapy System circulates water from a cooler to a pad has prolonged cold treatment with temperature control capabilities. Remains cold for around 10-13 hours. The Polar Care Glacier offers the longest ice time.

-Gel Pack Therapy is a low-cost cold therapy option

-If a cold therapy machine is not an option for you right now, using gel packs and being consistent with it, will still help reduce inflammation and swelling

-The gel packs will remain cold for around 1-2 hours

Gel Pack Therapy

-Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) refers to the development of blood clots, or thrombi, within a deep vein

-Typically it occurs in the thigh or calf and can develop after any major surgery

-Symptoms may include pain, swelling and skin discoloration, or no signs at all. DVT risk is greatest between two and five days after surgery, with a second peak risk period occurring about 10 days after surgery—after the patient has been discharged

DVT Prevention

-Rehab products continue the hard work you have been putting in with cold therapy

-Stretching and moving your body will only further the progress you have made

-Rehabilitating and stretching can help your body to regain strength and flexibility

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My name is Scott Blackwelder and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have wanted an online presence for awhile to reach more people. was born out of my passion to help people, and to provide healing and comfort to patients embarking on the  recovery process themselves. For the past two decades I have been teaching physicians the benefits of cold therapy with Breg. I got into cold therapy 22 years ago, and have been teaching physicians about the benefits of continuous cold therapy with Breg since 1999. I tore my ACL in January of 2021 from a skiing accident, that day I tore it, I immediately started using the Polar Care Wave and each day for the next two months following my ACL reconstruction surgery, which led to my speedy recovery. I have seen the use of continuous cold therapy ease patients pain, swelling, and also get back to the activities they love and enjoy. My family has personally used the polar care products multiple times following dance injuries, sports injuries, broken bones, bike accidents, and twisted ankles. After I tore my ACL, not being able to participate in the activities I love to do including; racket ball, pickle ball, snow skiing, water sport activities, raking the leaves, and cutting the grass was really hard for me. However, after my work with the polar care wave, I look forward to hitting the slopes again in January of 2022. 

We are here to help each patient incorporate polar care products in their recovery following an injury or surgery.